SPHERIC maintains a database of SPH literature, available here as a zipped BibTex file, with some links to online documents. The bibliography is updated regularly. If you have new references for inclusion in the bibliography, please post them on CiteULike or email them to Prof. Antonio Souto Iglesias (remove NOSPAM).


The bibliography is also available on CiteULike. CiteULike is a non-commerical online reference manager which offers several advantages over the BibTex database:

  • easy to browse and search
  • anybody can add new references instantly
  • anybody can tag references with keywords, to enhance searching
  • accessible for non-BibTex users
  • can import existing BibTex files
  • can export BibTex and EndNote files (BibTex keys and keywords are preserved)

SPHERIC group has been opened on CiteULike, and the bibliography there is freely accessible (without a login). If you register with a CiteULike account, you can join the SPHERIC group and easily share your own references with other researchers. CiteULike's "Install a browser button" feature is highly recommended.

The bibliography will be maintained in parallel as a BibTex file on this website and on CiteULike. The CiteULike version is usually more up-to-date.


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Special issues:

Published Special Issues         

2010: “SPH for free-surface flows”, Journal of Hydraulic Research, Volume 48, S1, 2010.      
Editors: Moncho Gomez-Gesteira, Benedict D. Rogers, Damien Violeau, Jose Maria Grassa, Alex Crespo      

2016: “Particle Methods for Flow Modeling In Ocean Engineering“, Journal of Ocean Engineering and Marine Energy, Volume 2, Issue 3, 2016.      
Editors: Peter K. Stansby, Qingwei Ma      

Upcoming Special Issues 

2018: "Theoretical, numerical and computational advances of the SPH method for solving fluid problems", Computers & Fluids
Editors: David Le Touzé, Steven Lind, Renato Vacondio, Alex Crespo

2018: "SPH for Coastal and Ocean Engineering", Coastal Engineering Journal
Editors: Hitoshi Gotoh, Abbas Khayyer