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SPHERIC newsletter on Grand Challenges

Please note that the SPHERIC newsletter issue #27 is dedicated to Grand Challenges with several contributions:

Grand Challenge 1: convergence, consistency and stability by Steven Lind (The University of Manchester, Manchester, UK)
Grand Challenge 1: Conservation and consistency of SPH method for incompressible flow simulation by Xiangyu Hu (Technical University of Munich, Germany).

Grand Challenge 2: Boundary Conditions, Antonio, Souto-Iglesias (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, Madrid Spain)

Grand Challenge 3: Adaptivity, Renato Vacondio (University of Parma, Parma Italy), & Benedict D. Rogers (University of Manchester, Manchester, U.K).

Grand Challenge 4: Coupling to other models, Salvatore Marrone (CNR-INM, Rome, Italy), Corrado Altomare (Ghent Zwijnaarde, Ghent, Belgium) David Le Touzé (Ecole Centrale de Nantes, Nantes, France).

Grand Challenge 5: Applicability to industry, Matthieu de Leffe (Nextflow Software, Nantes, France), Jean-Christophe Marongiu (Andritz Hydro, Villeurbanne, France).

If you want you can use this forum to comment those contributions and/or complete them accordingly to your ideas.


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