SPHERIC 2009 Keynotes

SPHERIC 2009 Keynote Speaches

Click on following links to download the presentations of the keynote speakers at the 4th International SPHERIC Workshop in Nantes, May 2009.

Cracking and Crushing: Modeling the colisional history of small bodies in the solar system - Prof. W. Benz

Large scale industrial and geophysical flow modelling - Dr P. Cleary

SPH Develoment at Cranfield University - Prof. R. Vignjevic

Vignjevic Keynote Animations

Not available

SPHERIC 2009 Best Student Presentation - Libersky Prize

A 2D+t SPH model with enhanced solid boundary treatment - S. Marrone Italian Ship Model Basin - INSEAN. Full Presentation with movies here: Marrone_StudentPrize_SPHERIC_2009.zip.