Special Issues dedicated to Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics

Open Call for Papers

  • Special Issue on Advances and Applications of SPH in Ocean Engineering to be published by "Applied Ocean Research". More info here
  • Special Issue on Latest Advances in SPH for Fluid Mechnaics to be published by "European Journal of Mechanics B/Fluids". More info here
  • Special Issue on Latest Developments and Application of SPH using DualSPHysics to be published by "Computation Particle Mechanics". More info here

Close Call for Papers


  •  Special Issue on Particle-based Methods: Fundamentals and Applications published by "Engineering Analysis with Boundary Elements (Elsevier)". More info here.


  • Special Issue on Theoretical, numerical and computational advances of the SPH method for solving fluid problems published by "Computers & Fluids (Elsevier)": . More info here.
  • Special Issue on SPH for Coastal and Ocean Engineering published by "Coastal Engineering Journal (World Scientific)". More info here.


  • Special Issue on Particle Methods for Flow Modeling In Ocean Engineering published by "Journal of Ocean Engineering and Marine Energy (Springer)". More info here.